Running the Race

Love it! From my friend Ben! Super inspiring this message!

benjamin carbone

Philippians 3: 12-14

We are all in a race. The race varies depending on what kind of goal we are running for. Paul writes to the Philippians to run the race passionately to win the prize. Running the race. What kind of race? It is good to define what this race looks like.

The race: To pursue passionately to be transformed in the image of Christ.

The metaphor of a runner makes me realise how much of a challenge it is to be in His image. There is certainly a discipline to make the daily decision to deny myself and reflect Him to the people around me; as much in public and in the secret place. To develop this relationship with God that enables the fruits of the Spirit to flourish in my life. To keep looking forward, aiming the prize, going through the obstacles and challenges that I may…

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